We Are On our Way to Israel​

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A welcome Ceremony of handing out the Menorah- as a gift and a gesture upon celebrating Israel's 71st year of independance


We are on our way with the Menorah


A group of 11 young Germans decided to mark the 71st Independence Day of the State of Israel in a special gesture and arrive on 5 May from Germany via Rome to the port of Haifa with a life-size replica of the Temple lamp.

In order to celebrate the 71st anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, a group of German Christians created a replica of the seven-branched menorah modeled on the Titus Gate in Rome. The aluminum lamp, coated with gold is 150 cm high and weighing 120 kg, and was built by 11 young men from Germany (two from Switzerland and the Netherlands) for a year and a half.


The entire project was funded by donations from hundreds and thousands of families and individuals from all over Germany who wished to join the special project because of the significance of reconciliation and the love of Israel and the Jewish people. During the period, the German public collected about 120,000 Euros (about half a million shekels). Among the donors, all of them Christians who love Israel, there were also families who donated gold and sold jewelry to join the reconciliation project.


The seven-branched candelabra will depart from Germany on a symbolic journey through the city of Rome, where a ceremony took place on April 26, 2019, in front of the Titus Gate. From there, the Menorah with its 11 creators, will come on a special ship departing from the shores of Italy on April 29 and arrive at the port of Haifa on 5 May 2019.

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